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Made In The Sip Tee


Yep if you are a Mississippi native then this shirt is for you. Embrace where you are from regardless of what the other parts of the world may have to say. If you have never been there or lived there then you wouldnt understand. Mississippi plants great seeds during the upbringing stages, you learn to be hospitible, you learn respect, you learn to treat everyone like family, youalso learn the struggle so with that you learn to work hard and how to appreciate everything and so in return you have a well rounded individual. This shirt can also be customized to represent your city or state if you are not from the SIP. Tee can be dressed up or down depending on how you choose to accessorize. This tee is also a great look for the spring and summer months ahead. Tee is also unisex for the females out there. You can customize colors as well. Cotton. Wash with like colors. +$6 for xxl and up

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